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When will the next box be released?

The next Boxes will be announced soon but in order not to miss the latest information, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Newsletter, or to follow us on our different social networks.

How to order on unBOXed?

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What are the delivery terms?

We offer 2 delivery options:

– Collection from a pick up location (free of charge) – List of pick up location here under:

       Boury Restaurant, Roeselare
       The Jane Antwerp
       Ma Langue Sourit Restaurant, Luxembourg
       Auberge du Pêcheur, Sint-Martens-Latem
       Charl’s, Knokke
       Hotel Serwir, Sint-Niklaas
       Wijnen De Clerck, Kortrijk
       Bidfood De Clercq , Oudenaarde
       Residentie La Vigie, Koksijde
       Hotel Gosset, Brussels
       Les Ateliers de la Mer, Neufchâteau

– Home delivery (or to your workplace for example).

For the home delivery option, keep in mind that there is an additional costs of 20 euros for an address in Belgium and 30 euros for an address in Luxembourg.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver everywhere in Belgium and Luxembourg (Netherlands/Germany/France on request).

How do you respect the cold chain during delivery?

We guarantee the respect of the cold chain throughout the delivery of the Box thanks to refrigerated vehicles.

How is home delivery carried out?

Your order will be delivered to the address that you have selected. Please note that presence upon delivery of the box is mandatory.

How does a pick up delivery work?

Your order can be collected at the pick up point that you selected when placing your order. Your box will be available on the chosen day at the following hours.
Friday & Saturday : 4pm > 6.30pm
Sunday : 11am > 12.30pm

I would like to know which ingredients are in the box

The complete composition of the box is listed in the menu . In case of allergies, it’s always safer to contact us. Be careful though that the menus cannot be modified.

Do you offer boxes for special diets?

Our first experience is unfortunately not vegetarian (or otherwise). However, we want to please everyone and will be working on a future vegetarian box. We invite you to keep in touch with us to be the first to know when this next experience is launched.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Our cardboard packaging is made of recycled materials. But that’s not all.
We designed this box with an important ecological conscience: Curious ?

Are there any extra charges when I order?

Only if you wish to have your box delivered at home (or workplace). If you choose the pick up option, there is no extra charge. 
More: Delivery

What payment methods are available?

We accept payment by Credit Card, Bancontact or Bank Transfert

How do I get an invoice?

When you place your order, check the box “I would like an invoice”. You will then receive an invoice in the following days.

How to report a bug on the site?

Contact us

I can’t place an order

Contact us

I can’t validate or pay my order

Contact us

How do I contact customer service?

If you haven’t found the answer on our FAQ and you have a question about your order: the easiest and quickest way is to contact us

I want to change my order

When your order is validated, it is unfortunately impossible to modify it wether on your side or on ours. Please contact us

I want to cancel my order

Once your order has been confirmed, it is unfortunately impossible for us to modify your order. If you wish to cancel an order, we need to be notified at least 10 days before your delivery date. If you wish to cancel your order exceptionally, and it is an order that will be delivered in 5 days or more, contact us.  You will not be present to collect your order? In case of extreme urgency, we can have it delivered to your neighbours. For this, contact us.